Program & Construction Management


BCG provides exceptional program and construction management services to public and private clients across the Southeast. We have experience managing multi-component projects with several stakeholders. Our services include managing all funding, design, and construction efforts for multi-million dollar capital improvement programs in many states, including Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, and Florida. Our expertise includes overseeing and reviewing designs, resolving design conflicts, communicating with stakeholders, assisting in finalizing legal requirements and agreements, submitting budgets, tracking funding, coordinating public relations efforts, and construction administration. We provide our clients with professional and efficient service to ensure that their projects are completed on time and within budget.

Areas of Program & Construction Management Professional Services We Can Provide:

Program Management – Drainage Programs

Development of Design Standards

Project Management – Sewer Programs

Scope of Work Development

Project Planning

Construction Administration

Contract Modifications

Submittable Reviews | RFI’s

Project Scheduling

Resident Inspection

Project Budgeting