Hydraulic & Coastal Engineering Projects


BCG provides exceptional hydrologic and hydraulic engineering services for urban, riverine, and coastal projects in the Southeast, including Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, and Florida. We have vast experience in utilizing one and two dimensional computer models and scale physical models to mimic existing conditions and to project future conditions with and without improvements. These services have been utilized to provide our clients with solutions to marsh erosion, marsh creation by sediment delivery, floodplain management, and flood control projects. Our services have included projects in both urban and rural areas. We seamlessly integrate data collection with the computer modeling process to provide calibrated results which serve as the planning tools necessary for our clients to make decisions on the solutions that best accomplish their goals and budgets.

Hydraulic and Coastal Engineering Services Include:

Hydrologic Analyses

Coastal Restoration

Numeric Hydraulic Modeling

Sedimentation Engineering

Physical Modeling

Detention/Retention Engineering

Master Drainage Plans

Urban Flood Control


FEMA Flood Maps